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  • Very Effective – Can easily Cool a room up to 20 squared meters.
  • Hydro-chill and Rapid Mode Technology – Can easily reduce temperatures by 5c with just water, and considerably more if you add some ice to get the water extra cool.
  • Energy Efficient and Freon Free – No need for cooling gases, just fill it up with water, maybe drop a few ice cubes in for good measure.
  • 3 Speed Fan – 3 speed settings, for when you need the most chill or when you prefer the complete silence.
  • USB Power Supply and 12-hour Internal Battery – Consumes a mere 10W of energy. It can even be powered by a laptop or phone.
  • Adjustable Blade – The direction of the wind flow can be moved up or down.
  • 500ml Tank – Cooling water tank lasting for up to 8 hours without refilling
  • Sturdy ABS Plastic and Leak-proof: If you drop it, not only no water will exit the device, but it will also keeps on going like nothing happened.
  • 7-Color LED Lighting
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Easily Cool and Purify Any Space With NexCooler

As summer time is just around the corner, providing your home with comfortable cooling proves to be a necessity instead of simply a luxury. When the heat is scorching, we’ve got a solution for you: NexCooler, the world’s first UV-C portable air cooler with strong cooling capacity.

NexCooler doesn’t just provide you with cool air; it is a 4-in-1 device that provides multiple forms of superior air quality, including refrigeration, humidification, air purification and aromatherapy. It produces instant cooling, is ultra-portable with a USB charger and automatically cleans and purifies the internal reservoir. Conventional air coolers take minutes to provide the proper ambience, but with NexCooler, you’ll feel the cold wind in just a few seconds. So, what’s the secret? NexCooler has taken cool air to the next level by utilizing an atomizer, where traditional swamp coolers only use a moisture pad. The atomizer provides more spray volume through water depressurization to achieve a rapid temperature drop. Additionally, we have incorporated a 4.8 x 10 cm plant fiber curtain in our device. This thickened fiber is able to soak in more water and thus allows for more evaporation.

NexCooler: Much More Than a Cooler

Very easy to use, the NexCooler can be operated without any problem by people who aren’t so tech-savvy and even seniors. It’s compact, lightweight, and can cooler can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. After connecting, it starts doing its job of delivering crisp, fresh, and purified air perfectly. Our engineers who have developed this AC unit wanted to come up with something that isn’t bulky, doesn’t use any pipes, and it’s easy to set up. We managed to create the NexCooler, an AC system that even children can safely handle.

This small device can help you keep your head cool wherever you are! Using an air conditioner all day long is very expensive and takes up a lot of space. The sleek and compact design of the NexCooler fits perfectly on your desk, bedside table or coffee table – wherever you need it most! It is ideal for confined spaces such as a library, workspace, dormitory, office, home office, camper van, bench, cellar, garage, and much more! The built-in whisper-quiet fan and the soothing night light make it ideal for a comfortable night’s sleep at night. NexCooler not only cools the air around you, but is also a humidifier and purifies the air.

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Conclusion: Should I Get NexCooler?

Do you even have to ask? Absolutely YES!

Normally, if you buy air coolers that’s pretty much all that you get. Some can even be bulky, consume loads of electricity, and only stir the same dust and allergen particles that already settled around you. AC’s are even more expensive, and, not to mention, pollutes the environment. So while you would buy (1) one device to cool the air, (2) another to humidify it, (3) third to purify it, and finally, (4) one to produce nice aromatherapy fumes, NexCooler can offer you it all with one single payment. So it pays off immediately, just as well as long term. It cools the air, freshens it, humidifies using water you poured into it, and if you want, with a few drops of essential oils, will work as an aromatherapy diffuser. It is portable too, and won’t consume a lot of electricity.

NexCooler serves multiple purposes and can help you enhance your lifestyle during the summer. If you are looking the best VALUE FOR MONEY during these hot summer days, then NexCooler is the best choice for you.

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“Excellent Performance and Super Economical”

“It really is a magnificent product, I made tests in decoration environments and I could verify that it has a very efficient spraying system that combines with the particles of the air and allows to have a scented environment that lasts for hours and hours. Definitely for what it offers is super economical.”

“This is So Nice and Works as Expected!”

“I am very happy with this product, I always suffered with the temperature of my office and this is a solution a thousand times cheaper than an air conditioner. It really works, it has been the best purchase I have made in a long time.”

“I Am Completely in Love With This NexCooler!”

“Why buy big and more energy consuming air conditioners when you you have this mini portable air conditioner? This is not only a conditioner, it is fan, air purifier and sterilizer at the same time. Usage of this air conditioner is very easy just pour some water in it and charge it. It can be charge like phone, mean you can charge it from laptop, power bank and wall plugs. You can carry it everywhere because it is small and easy to carry. Highly recommended.”

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